Wine 101

Building the framework for a lifetime of wine enjoyment, the Wine 101 Course is designed to provide an overview of major grape varieties and their regions, in addition to a focused introduction to tasting and sensory analysis. The 2-day course also covers key concepts of grape-growing and winemaking. The goal is to expose students to the impact of climate and soil on a grape’s expression in the glass, in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Each 2-hour lecture is paired with eight wines that best illustrate the class focus.

Students range from beginners with an interest in developing their understanding of wine to individuals who wish to refresh their knowledge before enrolling in the the VITI Series.

Who should take Wine 101?

  • Beginners with little or no knowledge looking to develop their understanding of wine

  • Individuals looking for a refresher before more advanced courses

  • Individuals looking for a fun, relaxed, low-commitment and quiz-free learning experience with high quality information and instruction

Upon Completion of Wine 101 Students Should:

  • Have a basic understanding of winemaking, grape growing, the major grapes and wine growing regions

  • Understand differentiating characteristics of Old World and New World styles

  • Have confidence in tasting and analysis procedures

  • Discover a rich and rewarding discipline and often find themselves wanting to learn more

Course Outline

  1. Sparkling & White Wines of the World

  2. Red Wines of the World with an Introduction into Sweet Wines

Upcoming Classes:

* Tuesday June 18th and Tuesday June 25th: 5:30pm - 7:30pm @ Royal RIver Grillhouse, Yarmouth.



Advance registration is required.

Classes are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met.

Your place in class is not guaranteed until we have received payment (either a deposit or tuition in full).